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Current Needs List and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Volunteer therapists - especially male and/or Spanish speaking
  • Volunteer helpers at fundraising events
  • Volunteers interested in serving on our Board of Directors

Volunteering & Training

A Professional Development Hub & Premier Training Ground

Thank you for considering volunteering your professional time to Community Counseling Center (CCC). Since 1968 our non-profit 501(c)(3) has been providing therapy to residents of both San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties. By providing services to those who are economically disadvantaged, medically uninsured, and who might otherwise fall through the cracks, CCC has been a safety net for our most vulnerable and underrepresented residents of the Central Coast.

A Generous and Altruistically-Minded Band of Healers

CCC has been able to offer this invaluable service through the continuous gift of time, expertise and passion of therapists like you. CCC’s clients are individual children, youth and adults, couples, and families who are either low income, un-insured or have Medi-Cal/CenCal insurance, are and are not appropriate for County Mental Health services. Clients who do not have Medi-Cal/CenCal insurance pay for services on a sliding scale basis for up to ten sessions, based on their ability to pay. Additionally, the Community Counseling Center also accepts CenCal/Medi-Cal, and we have a program that allows individuals with this insurance to receive therapy sessions at a $0 co-pay. The agency stands strong behind the philosophy that no one is turned away due to an inability to pay.

Who Qualifies to Volunteer as a CCC Therapist?:

  • Counselors who are legally licensed to offer their services in California and are covered by professional liability insurance.
  • Legally licensed and qualified associates/interns, under professional supervision and Community Counseling Center, and who are registered with the state as an associate/intern (when applicable).
  • Qualified MFT, ASW, PCC, PhD and PsyD trainees and practicum students, under the professional supervision at Community Counseling Center., who are enrolled in an accredited university, Master’s or Doctoral degree program.
  • For Pre-doctoral Interns ( PhD and PsyD): Community Counseling Center is an accredited site for pre-doctoral internship placement through the California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC). Applicants must apply for internship matching/placement through the CAPIC website at Each year beginning in August a select group of pre-doctoral interns will begin a yearlong training program that will provide comprehensive and structured training. CAPIC member internships are recognized as forma internships by the California Board of Psychology (CA BoP), for the accrual of Supervised Professional Experience (SPE) hours.

What are the Benefits of Volunteering?:

  • Free or reduced cost to attend agency Continuing Education workshops and didactic seminars.
  • The opportunity to expand one’s clinical expertise by with working with clients with a variety of diverse backgrounds and presenting concerns.
  • The opportunity to network with other local volunteer therapists.
  • For associates/interns and trainees, the ability to accrue hours to qualify for the state licensure exam.
  • Referrals to a licensed volunteer’s private practice when appropriate.
  • Usage of CCC office space in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Grover Beach, and Santa Maria.
  • Most importantly, helping our community become a better place by offering counseling to those who may not otherwise be able to receive such services.

Hybrid Volunteers and Paid Counseling Positions

While the agency stands behind the ethos that all therapists must first and foremost be volunteers in service of the core sliding scale program, we have also adapted with the times and the competing need to attract committed, high caliber, professionally motivated clinicians.

With this in mind, CCC currently offers two tracks for paid hours through the agency:

  1. Medi-Cal/CenCal Credentialed Therapists: licensed therapists and experienced interns may apply, via CCC, to CenCal for credentialing. Licensed therapists credentialed under the CCC umbrella are utilized as independent contractors and receive as pay a negotiated percentage of the Medi-Cal reimbursements received by CCC.
    1. Associates/Interns credentialed under the CCC/CenCal umbrella are hired by CCC and paid on wages and monthly payroll basis. CCC follows strict policy on the requirements for associate/intern credentialing.
  2. On-Campus K-12 School Counselors: licensed therapists and experienced interns may apply for school-based therapy positions.
    1. All Associates/Interns that are hired by CCC are paid on a wages and monthly payroll basis.

The Clinical Committee

Our Clinical Committee is an essential cog in the organization, offering quality assurance and training oversight. The body meets monthly to discuss clinical program happenings, develop policy and steer the clinical practices of Community Counseling Center. This leadership cadre is also responsible for the lion share of clinical supervision provided to pre-licensed interns and trainees.


John Elfers, LMFT/PhD (Committee Chair)

Judy Vick, LMFT (Clinical Director)

Anne Appel, LMFT

Sandra Buckmoyers, LMFT

Ross Kremsdorf, PhD

Debbie Whitney, AMFT

If you are interested in volunteering and/or working with and for CCC, please mail or email a complete volunteer application package (find forms below) to:

The Community Counseling Center (CCC)
676 Pismo Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


James Statler, Executive Director

Interviewing and placement occurs on a quarterly basis (Winter-Spring-Fall-Summer), depending on timing, you may need to submit your application earlier or later to fit the timing of your placement.

Please be mindful to submit the application in it's entirety!

Key Application Items:

1. Therapist Profile Form

2. CV/Resume

3. Proof of Liability/Malpractice Insurance

4. Three Professional Letters of Recommendation (if you have two letters of recommendation on-hand and are awaiting the third you may submit your application with a note to the Clinical Administration that a third letter will be arriving soon).

5. Copy of License or Associate/Intern Number (if applicable)

Note: Volunteer Responsibility Statement would be signed upon acceptance and agency orientation