What We Do

Short-Term, Low-Cost Counseling

Community Counseling Center (CCC) is a non-profit organization that provides short-term, low-cost, professional counseling for individuals, couples, and families who would not otherwise be able to afford it. Most CCC clients have no insurance, low to moderate income, or CenCal insurance.

Level of Care We Provide

Community Counseling Center provides outpatient therapy services for individuals, couples, and families. Our clinicians see children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of mild to moderate mental health symptoms that can be helped by short-term counseling and support (therapy services are typically provided once a week for a 50-minute session.) Some examples are individuals with anxiety, depression, adjustment or developmental issues, self-esteem issues, gender identity related issues, parent-child relational issues, interpersonal conflict, and moderate post-traumatic stress.

CCC clinicians do not have expertise in the treatment of substance abuse or addiction, acute or chronic eating disorders, domestic violence related matters, sexual abuse, child custody, or court related matters and therefore will refer you to alternative agencies as appropriate and available.

No one is denied services based on race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic status, or physical or mental disability.

For individuals with acute or chronic severe mental illness or who are currently in a mental health crisis, please contact the County’s Behavioral Health Department, which provides intensive mental health services, psychiatry, and urgent or crisis mental health services: (800) 838-1381.

Cost of Counseling

Sliding Scale Program: Counseling service fees are negotiable and set on a sliding scale based on each client's net household monthly income and ability to pay.

CenCal Program: CCC provides mental health services for CenCal beneficiaries with mild to moderate mental health symptoms. CenCal will cover the initial assessment ongoing therapy services (subject to client eligibility). CenCal may also pay for couples therapy or family therapy as long as the goals of the couples or family treatment supports the CenCal beneficiary in reducing their mental health symptoms.

Private Insurance: Individuals with private insurance are encouraged to contact their insurance for a list of therapist provider options. You can also use the Therapist Finder on the Psychology Today website: Find Therapists and Psychologists in California - Psychology Today.

How to Request Counseling with Community Counseling Center

Please contact our administrative staff by calling (805) 543-7969

We will ask you some brief questions to assess your eligibility and (1) schedule you with an intake assessment appointment or (2) provide you with appropriate alternative referral options.

Clinician Qualifications

The clinicians at Community Counseling Center are qualified graduate students, post-graduate professionals (both under licensed supervision), or state-licensed clinicians.